Back in 1974

Where it all started

From the man in the photo, Gary Hirshberg:

Hampshire College team was formed in fall, 1972 and we played our first match, one of the first-ever, if not THE first ever intercollegiate ultimate matches on Mothers Day, 1973 against Tufts University on the Tufts green.  One of our co-captains Dave Dinerman had been at the legendary Columbia HS in NJ along with the Tufts captain, and they connected, and the rest was history.   I can also tell you that I caught the very first goal in that very first game on that day.   Over the next few years, Hampshire had one of the top collegiate teams in the country and we won several tournaments…our main rivals were Rutgers, RPI, Cornell and Penn State.   

That photo was taken by my teammate Riker Davis and has certainly gotten a lot of was even in Time Magazine that year in their first ever coverage of our sport. 

After his Ultimate days Gary co-founded Stonyfield Farm Organic, now the world’s largest organic yogurt company. Listen to his crazy life story & how his ultimate teammates helped save his business on How I Built This podcast

Oldschool Collection

Celebrating the great names and good times of our sport

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